Offer for companies


You’re the chief of a company, looking for a place you could take your employees to? Or maybe you’re in the middle of planning an incredible integration trip? If the answer to one or the other is yes, then you’ll surely be interested in the offer we’ve prepared for you! We’ve prepared a magical place especially for you and your employees – one which will bring joy, glee and laughter to each visitor no matter his age!

Several dozen of super-realistic wax figures resembling characters known from the world of popular culture, cinema, and fables will allow the visitors to live through an adventure which will forever stay in their memory. For all those willing to take a more physical part of those memories back home we’ve prepared a shop full of remarkable souvenirs and gadgets from among which anyone will surely find something for himself!

For all those tired by constant adventures we’ve prepared a very climatic refuge in the form of a great restaurant. While their parents rest, the children will have an opportunity to have some more fun and games in a special eat & play zone. Among the attractions prepared for the younger generation you will find e.g. ceramic workshops and interactive games, as well as something prepared for the lovers of fine arts – the possibility to see the exhibition at our gallery!


Our Figures Manufacture is the only place like this in Poland. Several dozen incredibly realistic wax figures await the visitors: characters known from popular culture or the silver screen, movie stars, friendly fables and many, many more. Our museum’s offer is the ultimate adventure for both kids as well as adults.

Guests tired by sightseeing are invited to visit our restaurant. While the parents will be charging their batteries and getting ready for further ventures into the magical world of wax figures, kids will have the opportunity to get all creative at our special clay workshop. We also organize communions, special events and banquets.

We know well how demanding the youngest visitors can be, thus to make every day spent a tour museum an incredible adventure worth remembering, we’ve prepared additional attractions especially for them: interactive games as well as sculpture workshops under the watchful eye of an animator.